Marjorie Moody was born and raised in California and has lived in St. Paul, MN with her husband/photographer Michael J. Zaccardi since 1976.  Besides painting her passions include travel, gardening and playing piano.  Her main concerns in painting are color, mood, rhythm and spontaneity.  Marjorie likes to paint on location in watercolor and oils, and works in the studio on larger canvases in a fairly loose, expressionistic style.  Her subject matter reflects her inner life and response to her surroundings.  Beautiful melodies, luminous colors and peaceful surroundings are close to her heart and she tries to capture these feelings and experiences on canvas.  Her paintings are an affirmation of life, joy, freedom, beauty and peace.


Marjorie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Minnesota.  She has had solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.  Her work in is private collections throughout the U.S., Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Canada and Italy.


Marjorie maintains a studio in her home and has two home art shows every year.  The next show is Sunday, June 2, 2019, noon - 6PM.


Prayer - oil & wax on paper


Vestiges - oil & wax on paper

Marjorie Moody

Bouquet with Black Vase.jpg

Bouquet with Black Vase - oil & cold wax on paper - sold

Peacock Colors.jpg

Peacock Colors - oil & wax on paper

Camouflage - oil & wax on paper

Abstract with Periwinkle - oil & wax on board


Winter Meditation #3 - oil & wax on paper

Fiery Landscape - oil & wax on board


Calla - oil & wax on paper

13 Melodies - oil & wax on paper

Float Out - oil & wax on paper


Muse - oil & cold wax on paper

Moody_Autumn Meditation.jpg

Autumn Meditation

oil & wax on paper

Last Tango in Dubrovnik.jpg

Last Tango in Dubrovnik

oil & wax on paper

Coming & Going.jpg

Coming & Going

oil & cold wax on paper - sold