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I adore the watercolor medium. It has no limits in terms of subject matter, mood or color. There are a number of basic principles I look for to achieve a successful painting – good solid drawings, dramatic pleasing compositions, along with evidence of skill in mastering the medium to provide an emotional appeal that reaches out to touch the viewer. In my opinion, a work of art should be entertaining, super fun, or just beautiful to look at. When a viewer gives one of my paintings more than a glance and spends a few minutes contemplating the subject matter, I’ve accomplished my goal. I love painting flowers, still life, and reflective glass. ~ Throw in some marbles, bubbles, and other ideas that float around in my head and I am in art heaven. My style would be classified as contemporary realism. Watercolor is the only medium that allows me to glaze on many layers of color and still reflect beautiful light.

Julie Allen

50 Marbles - watercolor

Marble Memories - watercolor

Angel Light - watercolor

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