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I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1952, and grew up in the Chicago suburbs.  I followed my two older brothers in many things including attending St. Olaf College.


I did not major in art at St. Olaf. I majored in philosophy and psychology.  It was not until the last semester of my graduation year, 1974, that I took my first formal art class.  I was always interested in creative expression while growing up. I often made drawings or “doodles,” most often while during a class that did not hold my attention or when I should have been studying.  That first art class at St. Olaf hooked me and made me realize that nothing else could satisfy my mind, heart or soul.


After graduating, I decided to continue art classes. I attended the University of Chicago as a graduate student at-large, studying drawing, painting and sculpture.  In 1975 I moved to Minneapolis to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  I began taking night classes and later entered the college as a full-time day student. While there, I studied painting with Birney Quick and Paul Olson and attended the Grand Marais Art Colony in the summer of 1976.  I have always had a love of nature and landscape painting became the focus of my art. Other artists that have influenced and provided invaluable lessons are Mike Lynch, a Minneapolis artist and Jack Youngquist, a Moorhead State University drawing instructor.  


In 1989 I met my artistic, intellectual and spiritual soulmate, Jane Pederson, while we were both working at an art gallery and publisher.  Jane attended Moorhead State University and graduated in Fine Arts from University of Iowa. Jane helped me explore new techniques and avenues of expression.  Collage, both traditional cut and paste and digital, are a primary technique that we use in collaborative artwork using the pseudonym, pederbeck Arte gruppe.


We live in Northeast Minneapolis and enjoy being part of the vibrant art scene in Northeast Minneapolis.


Our art can be viewed on our website:  

My art can be viewed on my website:


Lilypads & Clouds - watercolor

Dusk - watercolor

Graphein - graphite pencil

November Woods - watercolor

Notes on a Spring Day - digital mixed media

Buddha Reflection - digital collage

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