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I started my professional art career in a corporate Graphics Department in print design, and moved into web design, then video production and editing. I retired and am now able to watercolor paint daily, right after I drink a cup of coffee and catch up with the funnies.


The qualities of watercolor: movement, transparency, color, value, are so absorbing that all other things retreat. There is a lot to learn and lots of choices to make. It took me five years to settle on the colors in my palette and now and then I still find a new color to try. Watercolor painting takes years of commitment, including lots of failure (just part of the process). 

But then again I might be a slow learner.

Marie Panlener

Three Swans.JPG

Three Swans - gouache - 18 x 24

Panlener, abstract.jpeg
Panlener, abstract 2.jpeg
Panlener, Marie.jpeg

Dragonflies - watercolor - 14 x 20

Owl - watercolor - 21 x 21

Panlener, flag.jpeg

St. Paul Flag #5 - watercolor - 15 x 11

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