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My art reflects my experiences without being bound to particular mediums; it reflects my passion to create in the moment.


I am a visual artist, folk artist and photographer, running my art business, Shakuntala Design, since 1974. I participate in a variety of shows, teach, do a variety of art workshops & residencies. 

I started my journey in art with impermanent Indian folk arts at a very young age. I loved to paint my hands with henna, decorate fabrics with embroidery, and color my walls with paints. When I moved to the US, I studied both photography & graphic design. 


My art now reflects a combination of my knowledge of folk art, photography and graphic design. Based on my ethnic background - colors, stylized designs, and story telling is evident in my work. I had my first one-person art show in Bombay in late sixties, where I showed paintings, embroidery, sculpture, and decorated textiles and since then I have participated in many art shows and art competitions through out the Midwest, California & India and won numerous awards over the years in both paintings and photographs.

Shakun Maheshwari

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Title / description

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