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I have been painting on paper and canvas for only 3 years. Initially, I painted with acrylics on canvas and Yupo, but recently I have been exploring pastels and watersoluble crayons (wax pastels). Previously, I painted on fabric and stitched improvisationally to create stitched paintings, but issues with my shoulders when stitching forced me into another avenue.


I now paint impressionistic, abstract landscapes and waterscapes because I want to focus on color and texture, not realistic details. I want to show the essence of the emotions that I experience when I participate in nature: a love of its beauty and a feeling of connection with the plants and animals around me.


Playing with color and texture is my passion, and I use hue, texture, and form to explore the world. I think the sense of touch is a lost sense in Western society, and I work to create a tactile surface that invites the viewer to look more closely.

Peggy Wright

Uninhabited  12x9" pastels on watercolor ground paper

Spellbound 11x14" acrylic on yupo

Rapids-and-Eddie 9x12" watersoluble crayons on watercolor paper

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