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My art education started in the former Czechoslovakia, where I studied art history, painting and historical costume design in a specialized high school. Thanks to an exceptional teacher, painter and designer, Inez Tuschnerova, I found a great deal of satisfaction in bold style of drawing, working primarily with charcoal, Indian ink and staying somewhat shy of color. When I turned twenty, I came to live in California, and later moved to Minnesota. My artistic abilities and desires remained dormant for many years. I was busy learning English, raising children, becoming a French high school teacher and eventually earning a doctorate in Comparative International Education at the University of Minnesota.


Discovering watercolor as a medium of artistic expression brought a renewed sense of excitement and joy. I fell in love with the tension between allowing what watercolor is intended to do – to flow, and imposing just the right amount of control to achieve a satisfying outcome. I have studied with and continue to learn from many exceptional watercolorists. Watercolor itself is an excellent teacher. It requires patience, timing and structure, which tests my natural predisposition to instant gratification and spontaneity. My primary interest is in atmospheric landscapes, while I also explore other subjects that stimulate my interest and artistic growth.

Vera Kovacovic

Downpour - watercolor

Rosie - watercolor

Trees at Gooseberry Falls - watercolor

Shade - watercolor

Spring Moon - watercolor

Fairchild Garden - watercolor

Tangerine - watercolor

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