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Ann Sisel

Rose - Ink & watercolor

On a grey Minnesota winter day, I can take out a white piece of paper in my studio, pop open a tube of cadmium red, azo yellow, or cerulean blue paint and change the mood of my day in a moment. The fun part for me is using paint, scrapers, brushes, hand made collage papers, or even a stick to paint or draw pigment onto my paper. I often start a watercolor with cold wax resist. This creates line work that is mysterious. Sometimes I work from photos or an image in my mind but mostly I work in a free form style. Much like finding an object in the clouds, I look for an image in my work after playing with the paint. Then I develop it. I might see a landscape, a turtle, or a figure of a woman in her tulip garden. My goal is to make the composition strong and the colors sing. Other times I simply paint on site. I have always loved the art process but had very little formal training when I was younger. Later in life I attended Macalester College in St. Paul, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My goal is to engage the viewer and make the colors sing.

Blue Vase with Flowers & More 

Ink & watercolor

Spirit Birds - Collage & acrylic

Study in Black, White & Red

Collage & acrylic

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