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Jim Geisinger

Oils and Encaustics

Be in Touch
Sadhu (Indian Holyman)


Accepted into the 2017 Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition

Boogie Board

Award of Excellence  2018 MAA Spring      Juried show

Intense Cat


Electric Cat

Encaustics (melted crayons)

Crayons of Crayons

This was done with melting actual Crayola crayons on a 30 X 30 board.

Copyright Protected Image


Painted under agreement with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Limited Edition Prints, post cards and note cards available for purchase.

Frank's Desk


Oil painted directly on wood.  From a 1950's black and white photo.

Heading South

A scene from Buenos Aires from my 2008 trip to south America   24 X 24 Oil on Canvas  
Accepted into the MN State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit

Cache The Cat


Jim Geisinger Artist’s Statement


Every painting I do is an amazing adventure.  Seldom does a painting come out the same as I imagine.   It delights and amazes me as it takes place.  I do not pretend to have total control.  I am just a facilitator.


I started painting on Christmas 1996 when my son gave me a watercolor set.  I painted almost every night to the wee hours.  The next day, when I looked at what was painted.  I was pretty sure elves came in and worked on it after I went to bed. 


I was hooked.  I read every book in the library on painting.  Then I took lessons…and seminars from local, national and international artist.   I studied Classical Realism at the Atelier Lack in Minneapolis for 3 years.  I took Figure painting lessons with Pat Jurde,  Landscape with Joe Paquet.  I continued with Still life and portraiture with Jeff Hurinenko.   I have also participated in many painting seminars in Massachusetts,  Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, California,  Mexico and Italy.


Easter, 2013, after decorating eggs. I put away a hot glue gun and crayons at the same time. I noticed the glue sticks were exactly the same diameter as the crayons. So…I plugged in the glue gun and stuck a crayon in it.  I painted a quick picture of a cat on a piece of cardboard. It got great reviews from my artist friends.  So I did bigger paintings.   Now I use encaustics which are very expensive crayons with a higher melting point and more professional colors.

One of the beautiful and challenging things about painting with melted crayons is I can’t be too picky.  I have to let it do its own thing to great degree.  I suggest where it goes but it makes up its own mind.  I like to do cats because I am fascinated with their eyes.

I love the way these paintings draw you in from across the room. When you get up close you mostly see globs of colored wax the don’t make a lot of sense.  Then, the urge to touch it becomes overwhelming.  

Actually, I encourage touching.  Unlike oil paints that discolor with skin oil, you can take a cloth any time and buff it.  It just gets shinier and better.


Awards and honors 

1997 first artist ever to be awarded the license  to do a painting of *Fallingwater® for reproduction

1998 One Man show in Maple Grove, MN

2000 One man show in Maple Grove, MN

2003 One Man Show in Plymouth, MN

2005 One Man Show in Plymouth, MN

2012 One Man Show in Plymouth, MN

2012 acceptance into the Fine arts exhibition at Minnesota State Fair

2013 Award of Excellence Minnesota Artists Spring Exhibition 

2013 Award of Excellence Minnesota Artists Fall Exhibition 

2014 Merit Award Minnesota Artists Association  Fall Exhibition

2014 Award of Excellence Minnesota Artists Fall Exhibition 

2014 Primavera Award, Plymouth Primavera

2015 People’s Choice, Plymouth Primavera

2018 Award of Excellence Minnesota Artists Assoc Spring Juried Show

*Fallingwater® is a famous house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It is now owned and preserved as a museum by The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. 10% of all proceeds are donated to preserve this historic home.

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