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Greg Lecker

River Bluff Morning - oil

Greg Lecker paints landscapes en plein air (in the open air) and in the studio.  Having applied the medium of light as an architectural lighting designer for thirty years, Greg captures the changing atmosphere of man-made & natural settings in art filled with color, motion, and emotion.  Greg communicates his experiences in “real-time” with passersby and shares oil paintings – sometimes still wet – with gallery visitors and collectors. 


You can see Greg’s work at Gallery Immaginé,  #183 Northrup King Building and often in the University of Minnesota Arboretum magazine and nature notes blog for which he writes, photographs and illustrates.


His work has been recognized at numerous plein air painting festivals……….Triggering memories; making introductions.  

First View - oil

Leaning Out - oil

Snow Melt - oil

Water Lily - oil

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