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I am compelled to express and create.  Acrylic and pastel landscape painting is a perfect fit for expressing my vision.  I capture my happy places watching the endless countryside, the horizon on the ocean or the middle of nowhere.  My abstract paintings are large scale, colorful, natural impressions with bold strokes and 4-5 acrylic layers to give texture.  While painting abstracts I can really open up.  I am addicted to this "flow" where I lose self-consciousness but I am fully in the moment, playing with colors, tones, patterns, textures and creating balance and harmony.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary and have lived in England, Germany, Austria and New York.  Since 2014 I have been residing with my family in Maple Plain, Minnesota.  My commissioned artworks can be found in private collections in the USA and Europe.

Monika Szilagyi

Rain washed - acrylic

Almost Gone - acrylic

Peace Under Construction - acrylic

Vision of Soft Feelings - acrylic

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