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Dick has been a fine artist for twenty years. He has studied at the Scottsdale Art School, The Edina Art Center, and more recently has had the opportunity to study with Frederick Somers, a renowned artist who resides in Northfield, MN who specializes in pastels and oil paintings.

During Dick’s undergraduate and graduate studies he pursued courses in liberal arts and art history which kept pointing
him back to the fine arts. He especially enjoyed learning about the 19th century Impressionist French artist Monet, Sisley,
Pissarro, VanGogh, Gauguin, and Renoir, as well as many of the American western artists - Frederick Remington, Tom
Lovell, Robert Laugheed and J.D. Challenger.


Since taking up painting in the mediums of acrylics and pastels, Dick has painted more than two hundred paintings in various 
styles and has sold paintings in the United States, Canada, England, and Europe. He has earned many awards in juried shows 
local and nationally.

Dick's paintings depict stories and events of history that he can share with his children and grand children. He is so grateful
for the gifts that God has given him and he wants to develop them and share them with others.

Richard Wright

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