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In my career as a critical care physician, I treated the sickest of patients and witnessed first-hand the struggle of life and death as well as the profound effects of this struggle on the friends and families of patients. Life is fragile, and death can be capricious in whom it claims. I was privileged to witness the power of human touch, love, and compassion in the healing of patients, and the comforting of families.

In 2013 my own medical issues forced me to retire from 30 years of medical practice, and give up over 20 years of making ceramic art: pottery, murals, and large scale sculptures. While I had many facets to my life other than medicine, the loss of my career affected me profoundly, and I struggled to regain a sense of purpose and balance in my life. 

Throughout my life I have flirted with 2 dimension-al art, charcoal, watercolor and acrylics, but never in a serious way. I returned to painting by simply making marks on a canvas, no concept, no model, just making marks and adding color as the spirit moved me. The results were surprisingly informative and healing. From there I took some classes, refining the marks to create more representational work. While I admire all styles of painting, I am drawn to the figure and portraiture. Our individuality, diversity and interconnectedness are to be celebrated, and I hope to portray the rich variety of humans and the human experience in my work. 

Kevin H. Komadina

Katherine - acrylic

Mashiko-Yaiki 16x20 oil

Clowning Around 24x30 oil

Coffee Break 24x24 oil

Lost-Song 16x20 oil

Jim & Emily  - oil

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